Welcome to Axobot documentation!

Welcome to Axobot documentation!#

Welcome to the Axobot documentation, a Discord bot coded in Python by a random French developer, Z_runner. You will find in the documentation all the explanations on each of the usable commands, as well as the list of the last additions and some code examples. The documentation is currently in English but the bot is available in several languages, including its main language, French.

💡 Built-in features#

🎖️ XP System

Give XP to your active members and let them level up and getting roles!

🔊 Auto Voice Channels

Create voice channels automatically when a user joins a voice channel!

❓ Tickets

Allow your members to easily contact your staff in a private channel!

❓ Tickets system
👮 Anti-scam AI

Use our custom AI to detect scam messages and warn your staff!

🗞️ RSS feeds

Follow your favorite YouTuber, Twitter account, Twitch channel and more!

🗞️ Rss
⚙ Advanced configuration

Axobot is a highly configurable bot, with more than 50 options for you to discover!


And even more!